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Acupuncture Techniques

There is a constant flow of energy called QI (pronounced chi) in Chinese, Ki in Japanese and Prana in Ayurveda. This energy has positive and negative constituents called Yang and Yin respectively. In a normal person these two factors are in balance. Whenever there is obstruction to the flow of energy or when there is deficiency or excess of energy in a particular organ or if there is imbalance of positive and negative factors the person becomes ill.

Acupuncture Techniques Acupuncture Techniques
There are about a thousand points on the body surface. After diagnosis six to ten points are selected for treatment. Thin, small needles are inserted at these points. The needles are then stimulated with the help of a battery operated machine. The current used is of only 9 volts which is harmless. Acupuncture needles are withdrawn after 15–20 minutes. This schedule is termed as sitting. Normally one sitting a day for 10 days constitutes one course. Review is carried out after a 10 day gap before starting the next course if required.

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