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Medical Resources in Tribal Areas

Vaidya M. P. Nanal (Ayurved Foundation)
The Vaidya M. P. Nanal Ayurveda Foundation, Pune under the co–ordinatorship of Vaidya Vilas Nanal, President of the foundation, along with the proposed research team members including ayurvedic physicians, botanists and social scientists carried out following activities successfully in the month of July 1998.

Designed and tested four interview schedule for
  • House hold heads.
  • Shamans (both male and female).
  • Traditional birth attendants.
  • Herbalists and other medical practitioners.
As mentioned in the research program time schedule or the action plan, our research team has been able to complete data collection from Thane district. 200 House Hold Heads and 25 Medical Practitioners were interviewed thus 225 interview schedules were completed. The details of the same are furnished in the table below.

Position of data gathered from Thane

Sr. No. Types of Schedules Kalam Pada Navnath Patil Pada Thakur Pada Jambhul Sutar Pada
1. House Hold 32 38 26 49 15 37
2. Medical Practitioners 03 04 04 07 07
Total   38 42 30 56 22 37

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