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Abnormal curvature of the spine.
“Short - circuiting” of the brain surface resulting in convulsions, staring spells, or other abnormal behavior. The disorder of multiple seizures over time is called epilepsy.
Skin Grafting
Placement of skin from one area of the body (or from a human cadaver) to another area of the body to treat burns or tissue loss.
Skin Testing
Placement of various chemicals on the skin surface in order to determine the body’s immune response to them. Usually performed by an allergist.
Spinal Fusion
Surgical treatment of an unstable spine due to injury, arthritis or previous surgery. Involves fusing together unstable spine segments using bone grafting.
Spinal Stenosis
Narrowing of the spinal canal usually due to arthritis and bone spurs of the joints between vertebrae. May cause compression of the spinal cord itself in the neck causing difficulty with movement (spasticity) or on the nerve bundle at the bottom of the spinal canal causing leg pain, impotence, difficult urination and constipation. Severe cases may be treated with surgical laminectomy.
Unequal positioning of the eyes when gazing at a fixed point.
Death of a portion of the brain due to reduced blood flow. May be caused by atherosclerosis or arteritis of blood vessels leading to the brain or heart arrhythmia.

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