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Myths & Facts about Acne

Patient education about long standing misconception
Myth about Acne Myth about Acne
There are many misconceptions and ideas about the genesis and treatment of the acne. It has been found that neither changes in diet nor use of vitamins/creams/ointments has been shown to be effective in treatment of the acne. But if a patient can associate eating of certain food and aggravation of acne, then it is advisable to curtail that food.

Stress causes acne.
Day-to-day stress is not the cause of acne. It could, however, be a side-effect of some drugs you take to overcome stress. You need to consult your physician if you think it's a side–effect.

Acne is caused by poor hygiene.
Acne is not caused by dirt or skins that are oily on the surface. Your acne may get worse if you wash your skin hard and quite frequently. Washing and scrubbing your face vigorously will irritate your skin and worsen your acne. What you can do: Wash your face gently with a mild soap, pat dry and use proper treatment for acne.

Every acne has to run its course.
With various products that are available in the market, it is easy to get rid of acne or acne scars. If your acne gets worse, see a dermatologists.

Acne is caused by diet.
Studies have shown that food does not cause acne. However, some people feel that it’s food that is the cause of their acne. So, in that case, avoid those foods. Also, eat a balanced diet.

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